Pamukkale – Turkey’s White Cotton Castle

Pamukkale is the prominent historic site in Turkey that literally means “cotton castle” is situated beneath the ancient city of Hierapolis. The cotton castle contained many old tombs in their structure but the landscape and excretion of hot springs as well as terrace-tines demolish the appearance of tombs. The terrace-tines are a layer of chemicals that is generated because of the calcium carbonates left by the flowing water.

Tourists are attracted by its splendid appearance of organic structure and take bath in it. Moreover, the water stream contains the hot spring (calcium carbonate form) that comes from different seventeen paths to change the temperature of water from lukewarm to boiling hot. This surprising reality of the castle busted in front of world which increase its popularity that magnetize various hotel owners to play their role to promote the heritage and to make profit from it.

But to preserve the world heritage wonder the related institutions have banned the usage of vehicles to visit it; moreover the hotels are shifted far away too. Now, visitors are only allowed to visit the phenomenal ancient castle without shoes to protect the natural marvel.

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