Hiroshima, 64 Years After The Atomic Bomb Was Dropped

Hiroshima; “Atomic Blast” is the first thing that comes in mind whenever one hears about this city of Japan. It was a fine morning and 8:15 am on August 6, 1945, when an American bomber aircraft B-29, the “Enola Gaydropped an atomic bomb codenamed “Little Boy” on her. More than eighty thousand people were wiped out as a result of this nuclear strike but the story doesn’t ends here; the Radioactive Hazards of the bomb remains to the  present day making a total death toll to well over one hundred thousands.

August 6, 1945 8:20 am

hiroshima child crying

To America’s Nuclear Fantasy: What did he do?

hiroshima aftermath

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65 Years Later

Neat and clean, hi-tech buildings and attractive roads, Hiroshima is now a gorgeous city full of colors and life. Seeing the city in the present day, one cannot imagine that it’s the same place that was almost wiped out of the surface half a century ago. Today, Hiroshima welcomes you all with its colors, beauty and culture.

hiroshima beauty women

Beautiful women of Hiroshima by Kanaka Menehune

peace park hiroshima

The Peace Park, Hiroshima, 2007, by Luca Faedo

hiroshima calm night

A calm night in Hiroshima by dxertetsu

Let’s all try to make this world, a Better Place to Live