Svalbard – A place on Earth with Alien Instruments

The scientists have always strived to explore the ideal station for experimenting and testing the technological products that observe the universe. Svalbard, a cluster of islands, which is located between the North Pole and Greenland, has an impressive track record of ideal atmospheric conditions to study the atmosphere and universe.



People don’t live without purpose in Svalbard due to extreme weather, but it has become a station for industry, tourism, coal mining and scientific research.


Researchers have found their way to utilize the region for research; like Polish Polar Station established for Geological research, Green house gases research has been conducted here and recently NASA establishing their research station in which they marked the island with various technological equipments to get support in astronomical projects.


These equipments look quite un-familiar many as the area portrays a town of aliens with all those sophisticated instruments.



Source: PlanetOddity