Insects That Resemble Alien Lifeform

There are all sort of insects around us with literally millions of species. Some peculiar ones gives the impression of alien life forms when seen at a zoomed angle. Although these are not difficult to find, their colors and structures resembles the alien characters we’ve been seeing in some fantasy movies. Some of them even have antennas for alien communications, multiple eyes for a better vision and large fangs to better kill their prey. Are them the source behind creating those fancy characters?

This alien comrade appears quite common with colored vision lens and looks that means business. These are found most abundant most likely guarding their dominion & killing intruders on sight. You better stay away from these alien guards.

The large green worm has a funky face with a large mouth to swallow and black spots resembling eyelids. Though we’ve heard this alien form has deep motion sense skills, ready to jump on its target with the deadly fins all over its body. Warning code: run away on sight.

This large fangs covered queen is as poisonous as it seems and usually found in the center most locations of her dominions. As evident, she can prove very deadly in case of an attack, though she most sits around and eat from the fresh green trees. You’ll never see light once you’ve spotted one.

The evil commander of the white alien force is seen in his full wrath with all the protective gear and shields a the ready. We are sorry to announce that the picture taker never survived through this. Yes, they can recognizable by the triangular mark on forehead.

This queen from another tribe is as deadly as she seems, thanks to the large and poisonous green blades on the protective body cover. Avoid getting close at all cost.

This fur covered alien lord is seen while resting on the throne, though this is a seldom sight. These warriors are always seen involved in ruthless wars and are amongst the most scary fighters across the galaxy.

The red and evil warriors from an unknown planet can store large ammunition in their elongated body and are ready to crawl around the universe and fight for their cause. They can also be hired as mercenaries to work for you, though that would require more than just money. Evil grin.

This creature might seem cute at the initial look, but don’t wait to withdraw your blades on sight or get ready to die a painful death. They are amongst the most swift warriors we’ve known.