Qantas Airlines – Four classes of Luxury

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Qantas Airways is the largest Australian airline company that provides luxury travel with style and comfort. The airways is well known for being one of the leaders when it comes to long distance luxury flights. The giant A380 Airbus passenger  plane under operation by Qantas has a seating capacity of 450 passenger and offers four different luxurious classes. The First Suite class has just 14 seats, Business class 72, Premium-Economy 32 and Economy class has 332 seats in it.

When flying in a Qantas A380 passengers in any classes has 100 movies, 500 audio CDs, 30 PC games, audio books, language tutorials, destination information and much more at disposal. Advanced graphic user interface allows passengers to navigate through entertainment options with ease. On board with every seats there’s wireless connectivity, laptop power, headset port, USB and RJ45 Ports that makes customers feel home.

Qantas A380 First Class

The first Suit class includes the fourteen separate compartments featuring electronically adjustable leather seat with programmable positions and massage function. The seat also transforms into a horizontal flat, extended bed with foam mattress. The 17 inches wide LCD screen video monitor and touch screen control unit shows flight map and serves as entertainment unit.

Each compartment contains a dining table that is enough for two. Each deck involves the sound proof cabin and mood lighting features to keep your flight pleasant.

Business Class

The Business class is equipped with electronically adjustable sleeper seat, that can be modified in to extra long flat bed. It also contains seat controlling panel with glowing light, electronic privacy divider and fully adjustable video monitor.

There’s a space for placing luggage, for notebook, headset, shoes, reading material, water bottle, and coat hook. Lounge area featuring self-service refreshment bar, large sofa with seat belts for in flight use, reading material, and a large entertainment screen with laptop connection for presentations.

Premium Economy Class

Seats with adjustable headrest and integrated leg rest with fold out footrest provides a comfort journey to premium-economy travelers. Every passenger has a touch screen video monitor, noise canceling headset port and PC power.

Economy Class

Economy Class cabin has Ergonomic, Recaro-manufactured seat with unique carbon fiber seat back, articulating seat base and flexible front edge. It also contains literature pocket and water bottle holder. Seating configured in three-four-three layout and there are four self-service bars in economy class.

Click to view the 360 degree panorama tour of the plane.