Out of the World Dresses by artist Susie MacMurray

Having a masters degree in Fine Arts and Bachelors in Sculpture, Susie MacMurray is now well known especially for her work in unique wedding dress designs. Susie had showed her artworks in over fifty exhibitions so far and secured eight different awards to this date. Although she is equally good in many things, but one particular niche is the designers dresses. Below are the images of a wedding dress made out of 1400 rubber gloves turned inside out.

Next is a dress that has 43 kilograms of dressmakers pins on it, yes you might need few lifters if you want to wear that. The pins are strategically placed on black leather base so it is as conformable form the inside as painful it looks from the out

Now let’s see a dress made out of, ahem, 15,000 metallic balloons in color blue. One thing is for sure; the lady wearing this will make a sound audible to a mile of radius while walking.

Last but not the least, we have a dress that looks relatively light-weight and can be worn easily. It’s made out of 10,000 fuschia-pink (a color) balloons with a rug underneath. And the lady wearing it looks pretty!

Source: Susie MacMurray, You comments?