Lamps made out of Books that you don’t Read Anymore

An artist from New York City, Allison Patrick, came up with the idea to use book-paper and turn them into ‘eco-friendly’ lamps. As, e-readers and e-books are gaining fame, conventional books are finding new homes, mostly with artists. Some carve them to make landscape while others do paper art and now we have lamps! The concept of paper lamps is not new, but you can actually buy these ones from here.

There are lamps made with different types of books for different taste of people. For example there’s a funky one made with comic book pages and a cocktail one made with a mixture of different colored pages. Beside books she also uses other material like pull tabs and plastic bags in the design.

A lamp created with music-lesson paper book.

And here’s the cocktail lamp.

Via: Treehugger