Ordinary Things under an Electron Microscope

1. Calcium Phosphate crystal under the electron microscope, produces vibrant colors and a very defined crystal structure.

2. Dust mite feeding on human skin observed under the microscope. Seems a character from a Sci-Fi movie doesn’t it?

3. These are Velcro strands tied up against the strings, looks amazing.

4. A single crystal of Sugar we use at our homes.

5. Snowflake, seems more refined than ever

6. A cell dividing into two.

7. This is what pollen looks like under the SEM.

8. A silicone chip under electron microscope.

9. A rusty nail, Mars, is that you?

Can you guess the super magnified items in the pictures above? Neither could I at a first glance. This is what happens when you put items like skin skin fragments, rusty nails, pollen, sugar and silicone chips under an SEM or scanning electron microscope. The result is pretty dazzling; the ordinary items seems as if they come from a science fiction movie.