10 Images You Won't Believe Are taken from a Smartphone Camera

Amazing shots taken on phone - LA [iPhone 5]

Taken over LA with an iPhone 5, slightly edited by Instagram, Photo credits David Freid.

Amazing shots taken from phone - Australian Outback [iPhone 5]

Australian outback, the picture seems as if it was taken from a professional camera, Photo credits Ian Oliphant.

Amazing Shots taken on phone-Noir, Post-Badminton - [Galaxy SIII]

A dark and foggy street, it is amazing for a ‘Phone camera’ to take a clean picture at night. Phone used was Galaxy SIII, photo credits Manwinder Sidhu.

Amazing shots taken on Phone- Falling [iPhone 4s]

Taken in Museum of Fine Arts in Boston by Diego Jimenez using an iPhone 5.

<img style="float: none; margin-left: auto; display: block; margin-right: auto; border: 0px;" title="Amazing Shots taken on phone online casino – Beach [Motorola Atrix]” src=”https://www.pickchur.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/AmazingShotstakenonphoneBeachMotorolaAtrix.jpg” alt=”Amazing Shots taken on phone – Beach [Motorola Atrix]” width=”640″ height=”360″ border=”0″ />

Taken at a beach in southern France with Motorola Atrix by Sander Hilven.

Amazing shots taken on Phone- Beach Sunset [Xperia U]

Beautiful sunset, taken with Sony Xperia U by Alana Clemens.

Amazing shots taken on Phone - Sunset - [HTC Wildfire S]

Taken by Hunter Hall with his HTC Wildfire.

Amazing shots taken on Phone - Egg [iPhone 4s]

Taken with iPhone 4s with a little help from instagram and camera app for iOS, photo credits James Davis.

Amazing shots taken on phone - Myan Girl [iPhone 4]

Here”s a shot of the vibrant Mayan girl mural by Belgian graffiti artist Chase on Santa Monica”s quaint Main Street. Photo credits Jeremy Brigden.

Amazing shots taken on Phone - Quarter Quarter [iPhone 4]

Picture of a Quarter taken under a portable magnifying glass using an iPhone 4. Photo credits Krishna Pandravada.

Who needs to carry a heavy DSLR camera when you can take stunning photographs using your very own smartphone! These amazing shots were taken from smartphones like of iPhone and Galaxy S. Granted that some of these shots have been slightly edited by tools like instagram, but still, they look spectacular.