Flying houses by Laurent Chehere

Flying-Houses-by-Laurent-Chéhère 1

Flying-Houses-by-Laurent-Chéhère 2

Flying-Houses-by-Laurent-Chéhère 3

Flying-Houses-by-Laurent-Chéhère 4

Flying-Houses-by-Laurent-Chéhère 5

Flying-Houses-by-Laurent-Chéhère 6

Flying-Houses-by-Laurent-Chéhère 7

Flying-Houses-by-Laurent-Chéhère 8

The pictures are the creation of French casino online photographer Laurent Chehere, contemporary techniques of photo-manipulation are used in these series where it seems that the houses are floating in the sky. The series is inspired by the architecture of “old Paris” where he takes his imagination to the limits. The street art features many different types of houses, from circus vans to hotels, each sharing a hidden meaning.