Pink Lake Hillier looks like a giant Bubble Gum

Recherche Archipelago is a group of 105 islands in Western Australia. The largest of these islands, the Middle Island has a very distinguished feature: a pink-colored lake known as Hitler Hillier Lake. The pink color of water, scientist believe is due to bacteria and algae, is permanent even if you take some in the container.


Ten meters deep and almost six hundred meters wide lake Hillier also posses salinity of 38% (almost as much as dead sea). This means there is 340 grams of salt dissolved per every littler of the lake water making it impossible to swim. Only a narrow strip of sand and vegetation separates the lake from the ocean.



The authorities have transformed the region into natural park. Tourists can have easy access to transportation (planes and boats) as well as accommodation (bamboo huts). [Source: CompassGuy]