31 Photos of “Meanwhile in a Parallel Universe”

onion cutting human

finger on a ring

flush and human

shit walking dog doing human

pumpkin carving human

lobster revenge

dandelion blowing human

shit on shoes

pigeon feeding humans

loves me not hair

say people

man showing engagement ring

Presents Opening Children

chair committing suicide

parallel universe bowling

banana slip

people mellow

human crossing

pig money

human as pets to cats

rock dropping humans

pinata revenge

human crayons

donut eating policemen

human park

Pewdie in Parallel Universe

human mouse

hunter trophies funny

Do You Believe in Humans

rabbit mking shadow hand

fly restaurant

I’m a big fan of meanwhile in the parallel universe jokes and concepts. If you’re not aware of it, just take a look at these pictures and you’ll get the idea. I’ve been following these images for quite sometime and recently decided why not compile a list of best ones!