Old Man And The Sea Revisited: An Antarctican Iceberg Looks Just Like An Old Man

Planning to hit Antarctica in near future? Don’t forget to meet this grouchy old man freezing to meet you. This riddled and unbelievable iceberg, what I call as a retake on “The Old Man and The Sea” was found by a redditor stummingmusic when he was sailing across the Argentina to Antarctica on a 52 day long voyage which turned out be historical life event for him.


He took this astonishingly strange photo in Collins Bay, between Barros Rocks and Berthelot Island, rough coordinate: 65° 19.474’S, 64° 15.560’W.



In response to a question: what the heck was he doing that far away, strummingmusic replied “I was on job“. Regardless of inquiring what he was doing there, this remarkable photo has stirred the internet. So next time you plan to sail across Antarctica, make sure to go up close and personal with thus grumpy frozen oldy. [via mymodernmet]