Gibbs Farm, House Of More Than 20 Stunning Sculptures

Gibbs Farm is probably the only place housing such amazing and spectacular pieces of art works and sculptures under one roof (but there is no roof). Gibbs Farm, named after New Zealand’s wealthiest individual, Alan Gibbs, is spread across 1,000 acres bordering the Kaipara Harbor. Alan’s unprecedented love for art pieces triggered him making this magnificent Sculpture Park which is no less than a wonderland now.

The farm has more than 25 colossal sculptures designed by the most famous artists of the world including Graham Bennett, Chris Booth, Neil Dawson and many more mainstream artists. The site specific sculptures will make you marvel impressively because the scenes are just breathtaking. We cant cover the plethora of colossal and picturesque works in one post but let’s have a look at few of the most famous sculptures in the farm and talk about even fewer.

Warning: This article has a potential teaser that might compel you to book a flight to New Zealand.

The Horizons


Starting with the most amazing one, the Dawson’s Horizons, one of the earliest sculptures that grasps the attention from the nearby roads as it is located at the highest place of Gibbs Farm. So you are standing in the Farm, on the hill top, you see a giant piece of paper? An enigmatic piece of art which gives the illusions of a cartoon like drawing from far away but as you go near, you will come to know that this gigantic piece of paper is not going to catch the breeze and flow away as it’s made of metal. This dazzling piece of was designed by Neil Dawson back in 1994. “The Horizons” is made from Welded and painted steel.

Column OF FourSqaures Eccentric Gyratory


Fan of Foursquare? No we are not talking about the app, we are taking you to the beautiful architectural masterpiece by George Rickey depicted in Gibbs Farm. This structure constitutes scattering torn rectangular pieces of paper onto a paper with support on each level that makes the square column moving in an irregular motion with the flow of the wind. Column of Four Squares Eccentric Gyratory is a spectacular depiction of engineering miracles in action. The foursquares move just like long palm trees in response to the wind which gives a wondrous experience when seen live.







Gibbs_Farm _wood

You need to book an appointment to throw a visit to Gibbs farm. Public appointments roll out once a month on scheduled dates (10am – 2pm) and entry is free. You can get the full information about all the sculptures placed at the farm and details about the artists at the official Gibb’s farm website