Symmetrical Beauty of Boardman Tree Farm In Oregon, USA

You might have hiked across a lot of jungles and forests but have you ever came across woods where every tree is of same height, same thickness and having same offset with one another? Interstate 86 shrouds a magnificent eye-catching place for you; the Boardman Tree Farm located in Morrow, county Oregon. Covering around 25,000 acres of land, the Boardman farm is one the biggest hybrid poplar tree farms, grown by 100 local workers who tirelessly work to get this useful resource in shape not only in quality but aesthetically as well.



The Boardman farm is run by Greenwood Tree Farm Fund (GTFF), an initiative by GreenWood resources. The local labor process the farm’s boards and wood chips instead of sending the raw lumber to another processing company. “There aren’t many like that in North America” said Kerry Hart, sawmill manager. The angelic beauty of the symmetrical long trees grasps the view from miles away. The local entities organize a lot of trips for the tourists in order to take this scenic place, hidden at 77200 Poleline Road, in limelight.







The farm is divided into 40 and 60 acres small plots with roads touching each entry and each acre of land having exactly 600 tress. The total amount of output lumber from the farm is around 65 loads, each load being 35 to 40 net tons and are mostly sold to international buyers like China, Indonesia, and Malaysia, along with Mexico. You just can’t miss this place, can you? [via AmusingPlanet]

Photo credits: John Austin, duaflex