Enigmatic Stanchion Structure Knit By An Unknown Insect Stirs The World


Nature has always compelled us to applaud its angelic artistry that splashes recurrently but only a few eyes get hold of that. Thanks to a student from Georgia Tech, the above photograph shows an exquisite and symmetrical fence made by an “unknown” insect to protect her eggs. Troy was on a research project related to parrot biology and conservation in the thick forests of Amazon, South America when he stumbled onto an this enchanting structure on tree trunks. This engineering structure has now grasped the attention of entomologists across the world.

mysterious_cocoon 2

mysterious_cocoon 3

The tarp like structure looked like a miniature circus tent or drop of milk falling on grass but upon closer examination explained the real purpose of this sublime piece of art. It’s a protective barrier designed to keep anything that might attack the eggs, away from the insect’s turf. The balustrade hedge like structure which is connected with the outer boundaries of the picket fence through a pole in the center is the perfect depiction of the art work knit by this unknown insect.

Curious, Alexander posted the photo in reddit’s whatsthisbug to find out some clue; some say it’s a ermine moth caterpillar that had started making a cocoon but left it while others speculate it’s a rare specie of spider only found in the forests of Peru. Whatever it is , it does deserve an award on its picturesque yet brainy skills. [via thisiscolossal]