How To Make Your Own Dinosaur Serving Dish For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and if you are looking to make things more creepy and full of jitters, meet this scary little homemade DIY Dinosaur Serving Dish which can leave some cold feet and horrifying spooks a your Halloween party, after all, who doesn’t wants to be served by a Dinosaur!

DIY Dinosaur Serving Dish


This scary doodad is brought to you by three-little-monkeys-studio and they have revealed the complete guide on how to make this horrendous yet cute DIY Dinosaur Dishes. Some old toys and melamine plates, sandpaper, some adhesives, spray paints and a 2-3 days wait is the cost of this amazing Dino Dish. You can also make other baubles for example if you are looking to make owls, little wolfs or anything you want to spice things up at this Halloween or even on other events. If you are not so lucky to get your hands on your kid’s old toys, none of the items to be used in making cost more than a few bucks.

DIY Dinosaur Serving Dish Making Materials

dino dish

Procedure: First, you must cut the head of the Dinosaur using any handsaw. Keep your hand steady to have smooth edges and a level cut surface. Now put the plate in-between the body and the head (that you just cut) of the dinosaur. Apply adhesives to the touching surface and leave them for 5-10 minutes before actually adhering them together. Make sure to level it up from both sides because if not attached correctly, head will remain unbalanced making your Dinosaur grisly. Last step is to use spray paints on your Dinosaur. Always give 20 minutes break in between every coat of paint to avoid drips and leaks. [Source: threelittlemonkeysstudio]