Creepy Polish Church Made of Real Human Skulls

Your next spot for a manly Halloween party is a horrid Chapel located in Polish town of Czermna almost a kilometer north of a beautiful town: Kudowa Zdroj. The chapel is an exposed cemetery with its wall decorated with more than twenty thousands actual human skeletons. But this isn’t the end; another twenty thousand dead human bodies lay peacefully in the basement all of which belong to the victims of Silesian Wars that lasted for whole twenty years from 1740 to 1763.

These skeletons was gathered and carefully cleaned from shallow graves by the local priest, Vaclav Tomasek, who intended this chapel as a shrine for the dead, as well as a “memento mori” for the living!

chapel of skulls door outside

chapel made of human skull _ 5

chaple made of huma skull _2

chapel of human skull

chapel made of skull _ 1

chapel made of skull _3

Some of the skeletons are displayed around the altar, most of them rest in the vault. The Abandoned Chapel of skulls is open for tourists and you must throw a visit if you are a fan of creepy haunted ancient chapels [via smithsonianmag]