What You See Is Quick Gestural Lines. You’ll Be Surprised What It Actually Is When I Zoom Out

gestural_lines (1)

Somebody cleaned his brush on this wall. Looks messy

gestural_lines (2)

Oh! But it looks like a figure. As tough the graffiti artist was in a hurry

gestural_lines (3)

There are so many of them

gestural_lines (4)

All over the wall

gestural_lines (5)

Looks like a congregation

gestural_lines (6)

Wow! What a graffiti !

gestural_lines (7)

Looks like hundreds of people from this view

gestural_lines (8)

This looks beautiful

This graffiti masterpiece comes from the visual artist go by the name of SUSo33. The artist is best known for making human forms from mere gestural lines. His recent installation is this giant graffiti located in Madrid that looks like hundreds of people have gathered for some congregation. If you look up close, each human form is just composed of mere squiggly lines. [via thisiscolossal]