South African Pastor Convinces People into Eating Grass

Lesego Daniel, a young pastor in South Africa, known as ‘miracle man’ forces his followers to eat grass if they want to ‘get closer to God’. Dozens of followers dropped to the floor to eat grass at his ministry in Garankuwa, north of Pretoria, on his command. They get closer to God, we don’t know, but they certainly did get sick.

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‘Yes we eat grass and we’re proud of it’, says followers after being convinced by preacher’s ‘sleep miracle’.

Sleep” screams Daniel and a dozen people in the marquee immediately drop dead. He then orders other to slap the sleepers and try to wake them but the sleepers remain unresponsive. After several minutes he yells “wake up” and the sleepers wake up. ‘I can leave them like this for six months and I can even send cops to sleep when they come to arrest me’. [via timeslive & dailymail]

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