Hobbyists from Russia Climb 650m high Shanghai Tower and Shot This Scary Video

Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov make up the perfect daredevil pair who found love in roof walking while climbing the rooftops of apartment buildings in Russia a few years back .

As they get bolder and older, they went for higher targets bagging Giza Pyramids, Dubai’s tallest second tallest building, Eiffel tower in Paris and so much more. Recently, they climbed the still under construction 650 meter high Shanghai tower without getting caught and shot this insane video using head mounted cameras. (Tweet this now!) [via shanghaiist] [source: ontheroofs]


We are just chasing the dream and always looking to go to the next highest point to see the things no one else gets to see. We don’t mean to trespass or harm anyone one so we do often have to wait until the coast is clear. When you get there the views are spectacular and we want to keep going until we have mastered every city. – Raskalov


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