10 Cute Animal Babies Get Disfigured By Puberty

We often come across such cute babies, but when we look around to see .. “Hey! Which pretty couple have this adorable baby!!”, we are like…“oh no! Don’t tell this cutie pie belongs to them.”

When it comes to growing old after enjoying the baby looks of childhood, all of us are not so lucky to get old daintily. Same happens to these poor animals, who after stepping out of their adorable babyhood starts looking weird.

i) Lamb-like camel grows up having unappealing humps and big filthy teeth
ugly adults (2)

ii) Messy bun of long hairs hides the adorable face of the adult Komondor dog
ugly adults (1)

iii) Thumb-sized Coconut crabs grow too much
ugly adults (3)

iv) Pigs lose their famous cute eyes and baby looks when hit puberty
ugly adults (4)

v) Sweet Lumpfish converts to lousy mature
ugly adults (6)

vi) Little Star-Nosed Moles turns into scary monsters
ugly adults (7)

vii)Lovable Aye Ayes grow brutal eyes
ugly adults (8)

viii)Hyenas the nasty scavenger looks harmless and cute when a baby
ugly adults (9)

ix)Big hanging nose of Proboscis monkey makes them look unattractive
ugly adults

x)Looking at adult Hatchet fish’s face can freak the hell out of you
ugly adults (10)

[via viralnova]