Artist presents the concept of ‘Driverless Car of the Future’

By year 2059, you can actually have some rest lying in bed comfortably, dreaming your dreams, as your fully automated, computer-controlled car will drive you to your destination.

driverless cars (1)
driverless cars (3)

This is the visualization of future transport gestated by Dominic Wilcox, an artist works between the worlds of art, design, craft and technology.

He took his vision of future transports out for the exhibition ‘Dezeen and Mini Frontiers‘, during the London Design Festival. Giving a freedom and flexibility to the designers, he managed to design a car out of stained glass. All the driverless prototype has is a bed inside, so that passenger can relax in as the car head automatically wherever he wants to go.

driverless cars (4)

driverless cars (5)

He also presents a concept of ‘Taxi Robot’ of future, where instead of people owning a driverless car, people can simply order a vehicle of their own choice’s size, interior and exterior shell design, to pick them up when required.