Funnily Enough, These Dogs Resembles Weird Things On Earth!

It’s fun looking at things and finding similarities. You must have seen clones in many forms, having resemblance in many ways. But these less lucky dogs have got analogy with strange critters. After observing these photographs you may not see these dogs without imagining them with their clones.

1. Chewbacca is not fictional anymore.

dopplegangerss (1)

2. This dog is more like a teddy bear.
dopplegangerss (2)

3.Yeah! But don’t use Komondor to soak up liquid.
dopplegangerss (4)

4. Isn’t Shar Pei more like a towel??
dopplegangerss (5)

5.STOP! these puppies are not fried chicken pieces. 
dopplegangerss (6)

6. Pug looks happy for having resemblance with celeb.Jabba the Hutt
dopplegangerss (7)

7. Dog is like a muffin.
dopplegangerss (8)

8. Dog is cute as a lamb.
dopplegangerss (9)

9. Pug babies are wrinkly as croissants.
dopplegangerss (10)

10. Dog is a harmless lion 🙂
dopplegangerss (11)

11. Pug looks like a loaf of bread.
dopplegangerss (14)

12. Pitbull is a hard tooth.
dopplegangerss (16)
[via viralnova]